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Application Form for Selection of Creative Writing & Publicity Chief Editors

Name: Anurag Ranjak Entry No: 2012CH70148
Mobile No. 7836009238
Hostel Name & Room No: Kumaon SE-15
Is your CGPA at the end of last semester > 7.0? Yes
Are you currently holding or have ever held the position of BSP representative / Journalist? Yes What is your language of proficiency for writing or editing? English

A1) Yes I have been actively involved in creative writing ever since my entry into IIT Delhi. In my first year four of my articles were published across three literary magazines published by the BSP. In my second year I contributed non-fiction to the BSP in the form of journalistic articles and my article on the Duo Dance is the third most up voted article on the BSP page. A2)Currently most of the articles be it short stories or poetry are published by students who are new to the craft, in the west writing workshops are commonplace and most of the writers who gain celebrity status in the literary circle come through writer’s workshops if selected I will organize workshops to help people with their writing, many writers come to publicize their books during f...

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