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Production of Vinegar from Banana Peelings

Cadavero, Lady Shernalyn
Ermogino, Aileen
Fadriquela, Charisse
Fausto, Rhenzel Aivy
Reyes, Mharvie Joy
Sistoso, Rowena
Tepace, Myla


Approved by:
Ms. Jeanette “Jhaye” Tuballes


Nowadays, one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but all over the world is how to turn a waste material into a new and useful product. Because there are garbage, garbage everywhere! These are mostly from production companies like us (referring to Banana Production Company) which are obviously destroying our mother earth. Since this is a banana ketchup production company, mostly our wastes would probably “the banana peels”. Although it can be used as fertilizers on our banana plants, we think of another way to invest more income and let the banana peel “lives” here on earth be worth living. And that beneficial idea is so called “banana peel vinegar” although it sounds impossible, there is already a feasibility study about this, but still not seen in the market. And so we came up with an idea to let this production company to be the first ever selling vinegar made from banana peeling which we’ll called B. Peel V.


Musaceae musa or also known as banana plants, is fast growing herbaceous perennials arising from underground rhizomes. The banana is a great nutritional value. It contains...

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