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While skimming through the article, “From outside, In” Barbara Mellix talks about different languages. When I say different languages I mean more of different types of slang words and accents. Mellix says, “When we spoke Standard English, we acknowledged that our customary way of speaking was inferior. We felt foolish, embarrassed, somehow diminished because we were ashamed to be our real selves. We were reserved, shy in the presence of those who ...

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100 accent acknowledg act agre along and/or anyon articl asham assum away barbara blurt brother canadian certain civil come could cultur customari didn differ diminish doesn embarrass english everyon everyth exampl famili fanon fascin feel felt foolish franz grasp great happen hurt inferior interest kid know languag learn like line littl live lot make mani manner may mean mellix morpholog need opinion outsid own peopl phrase posit presenc profound proper re read real realli recommend relat reserv right said say segment selv sens shi sister skim slang somehow someon someth sometim sorri south southern speak spoke standard support syntax talk taught teach tell thick think time today type unabl uniqu us use way weight word write wrote