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Jay Asher's book 13 Reasons Why is entertaining.  His story of Hannah Baker and her feelings is disturbing.  The main theme is: 'Think before you act; you could be hurting someone without knowing it' makes me feel depressed.  Asher's use of imagery on page 160, "Hannah always looked depressed. The smile on her face never reappeared," supports that theme because it shows that the way people acted really did have a negative effect on Hannah.  The tone throughout the book is dark, but sometimes shifts to upsetting to make the reader feel downcast.

I would recommend this book to anyone in high school.  It shows that you need to think before you speak.  It also shows that you never know what people are going through, until you step into their shoes.  Words and actions really do hurt people more than some may think.  This book is excellent because it is extremely realistic and although it is fiction, things like this probably happen everyday.

*The theme of this book is that you could be truly hurting someone without knowing it.  Also, you should think before you act.  This is the theme of 13 Reasons Why because the people that made Hannah commit suicide, did not realize they were affecting her.  They had no idea that she was having a hard time with life, and just needed someone there for her.  Thinking before you act supports the theme because people at Hannah's high school would spit rude remarks at her that definitely did not boost her confidence level. *The tone throughout the entire book is dark and depressing.  Hannah is describing to each person that contributed to her death why they did, and making them feel guilty for it.  The effects on most of them are horrible.  They can't sleep knowing that they killed someone without knowing it.  They are forced to live with that forever. Figurative Language

Imagery: "Ice-cold droplets cling to my skin and I run my wet finger across my eyelids." *This helped to make the book better because it paints a picture in the reader's mind.  It helps me imagine what the character is going through. Simile: "I felt my head continue to nod as if it was attached to heavy springs." *This made the story better because it shows that he was nervous and unaware of his actions. Simile: "The car's engine groaned as if trying to show off."  *This made the story more interesting because it describes the car more.  Instead of using simple words to describe, it gave the car human like actions. Simile: "Like every nerve in my body was withering in, pulling away from my fingers and toes." *This adds to the book because it uses extreme exaggeration as well as a simile.  Obviously, that was not really happening to the character, but it is so descriptive that you can imagine it happening.  It supports the tone to show that he was very nervous and disturbed by the whole experience of the tapes. Simile: "Watching his car through the window was like watching a movie, the Mustan...

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