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Persuasive Writing Essay Techniques Essay

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Introduction: For test responses: Should be 5-8 sentences (typed).
For convincing/persuasive essays: 4-6 lines
1. Your first sentence for the introductions: This statement is true/ not true (if question is asking you that). Eg. The government is way too easy on hoon drivers. Discuss. 2. Be spontaneous i.e. natural and directly to what the question asks you. Eg. Do you agree that Brian is the perfect gentleman? Yes, I agree (spontaneous). Mai...

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-3 -6 -8 1 2 4 5 addit agre alway appli argu ask background best bodi brian bulli conclus contrast convincing/persuasive couldn date dedic demonstr depict describ direct discuss driver e.g easi effort eg end english essay essenti ever evid exampl fact final first form form/person formal fourth full gentleman get give good govern hand henc highlight hoon i.e imper import individu influenc inform instead introduct keep key last likewis line lot main mean natur never nice nice-end number one open opinion paragraph part perfect person persuas pivot point portray proper question quintessenti rather reader rememb remind respons school second seen sentenc shortcut shouldn show similar spontan start statement straight success summari take techniqu test text therefor third thus time topic true ts two type ultim use version way won word wouldn write written yes