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Rabbit Proof Fence Writing Task Essay

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1) The fence is designed for keeping farmers on one side and the aboriginal people on the other side. The fence is a symbol for racial separation and the movie is called Rabbit Proof Fence because it's very important for directions and guidance back to Jigalong, and also because the tracker and the police uses it for their own purposes, but luckily Daisy and Molly travels along the wrong fence in the beginning of their quest for meeting back up with their mom. 2) I thought of the Jigalong depot as a train station, with a gocart track in the backyard, just without gocarts and a track to drive on. It was also kind of groom and dark place, only two men sitting there all day long handing out food and supplies for the local natives, and helping out the Protector if they had to. I think of the place as a working area, dead almost all hours of the day, all year, much like Lysaker. 3) When the police offiser arrives at first, the music is silent, and the tension is only like a weak breeze, but when you...

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