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Academic Journal
Orlando J. Williams
November 17, 2014
Alexia Retallack
Academic Journal
How does one approach a writing assignment? Initially the writer must think about the topic to be
discussed in the paper. The writer needs to consider all of the pros and cons of the subject, and

determine the most effective way to illustrate his/her position. Once a “road map” is decided upon,

then the writer must begin the brainstorming process. To accomplish this step making short notes is a

valuable tool in helping to form thoughts or ideas on the subject. Once that is complete, putting the

notes in order will allow the paper to flow in a logical manner. Now that the writer has all of the subject

matter organized, the next step is to write a rough draft. Doing this allows for editing, spell-checking,

content accuracy, and overall comprehension to the reader. Finally, after pre-writing steps are

complete, I am prepared to finalize the paper.

Using a journal to document my writing improvement is a new process for me. I believe it will

have many benefits as I move forward over the next few weeks. It will allow me to understand my

mistakes, and quickly give me the ability to correct any faults. In the past I would just write/re-write

papers until I correct...

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