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Paper 1 : Argue/Persuade
Paper 2: Describe

• Vary your ideas and link sentences and
thoughts together using connectives:
• How many connectives can you think of?

• Be original and entertaining with what you write
• Around 2-3 pages long
• Purpose – this will be to Argue/Persuade (paper 1) or
Describe (paper 2)
• Audience – who is it aimed at? What style of language
should you use? Who should you address etc?
• Task – what have you been asked to write?
Speech/Letter/Newspaper or Magazine article/Webpage
• Punctuation/spelling/paragraphing/sentence
structure/organisation ALL count

• Writing to argue or persuade.
• The two techniques are similar; you are trying to influence someone. However, persuasion is trying to convince someone that your way of thinking is correct, you are biased. You want them to change their opinion to agree with you. An argument is more balanced; it shows both sides of the POV, then knocks down the opposing view point with clear reasons.

• Use rhetorical devices (rule of 3, F&F, emotive language, personal opinion, professional opinion, quotes etc)
• Appeal to the appropriate audience and for the right purpose • Use connectives and paragraph ‘topics’
• Be coherent and fluent – make sense!
• Be entertaining
• Think of an excellent starting sentence
• Example Questions:
• Write a newspaper article for the school magazine persuading pupils to raise money for the Japanese disaster.
• Write a letter to the Head Teacher arguing that Yr 11 pupils should be given study leave

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