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Slavery Writing Seminars Essay

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Class: Writing Seminar

Date: 12/02/2013


Slavery has been around ever since the dawn of time and still exists today. Western slavery goes back 10.000 years ago, in todays Iraq also know as Mesopotamia (Godrej, Dinyar, 2001). A male slave was used for working purpose and female slaves were used mostly for sexual services. Even in ancient Greece there was existence of slavery where they used only women and children as slaves for domestic work instead of rebellious men that got slaughter (Godrej, Dinyar, 2001). With the growth of the Greece civilization caused a growth in slavery as well, we could say that with increasing population of the ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire caused an increase in slavery. For the Romans slavery was the biggest business since the Romans used to trade slaves across the whole Mediterranean. When the Roman Empire fell apart there were 6,000 slaves that got crucified all along the Appian way from Rome to Capua (Godrej,Dinyar,2001). In the medieval times the church justified slavery as well as other religions. In the medieval times in Europe slave were not only Africans but as well whites, (e.g. when the Vikings were in a small combat with Britain, they took a lot of slave hostages from Britain and sold them in the Istanbul market to Islamic Spain.) Many of us think that slavery started in the U.S. but slavery has been with us long before the U.S. even existed. Slaves were used in U.S. during the combat of the American war of independence form the British. Which later on slaves were used a lot in the south of U.S. for domestic work and any type of work their masters gave them.

In ancient Greece they say that there were more slaves than free people (Kirsten Brown). Slavery played an important role in the Greek civilization, were slaves not only did domestic work but as well work ...

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