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 Blair 1 Jasmine Blair

English 106 LC3
Prof. DelluBuono
Narrative Writing #1
Reading and Writing Growing up, I never struggled with a disorder, but never really enjoyed reading and writing. As a kid I’m not going to say I did not like school, because I get out the house and hang with my classmates at recess. Yet still was not a big fan of it, because the school work. I always wanted to go outside and run around than to sit down and read a book. I always wanted to go outside and run around then to sit down and read a book and write about it. In the fourth grade I did struggle with reading. I would read a passage, and do well until I get to a word and cannot pronounce it, then that mess up me reading the whole passage. It was pretty embarrassing. My teacher use to have the whole class take turns reading different paragraphs, and I would always raise my hand for the shortest one. Sometimes I did not get the part and get a part that’s longer. I felt as if she knew I was trying to run away from reading. However, I still did it because I wanted a good participation grade, and not a phone call home about it. Every time I did...

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