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Slug: The beauty of traveling in Europe is the unlimited choices these countries give with architectural magnificence coupled with friendly inhabitants and the easygoing lifestyle. One such place that lies in Netherlands is Amsterdam, a one time small fishing village is now packed with loads of memorable treasures for a tourist.

Having travelled twice to this gorgeous place I have picked my favourite attractions and sightseeing activities that will help you make your travel experience to this place the best possible.

Amsterdam homes some of the worlds best museums famous for their historical and antique collections. Some of the major museums of Amsterdam are Rijksmuseum (know for its 17th century Dutch collected works), Steldelejk museum, Kroller-Muller and Van Gogh museum (known for its collection of paintings by Van Gogh and other eminent artists from 19th century). With more than 50 museums each boosting amazing collections, even if you are not that keen on visiting museums it would be a sad thing to ...

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