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Task 1:

Grammar and Punctuation.........................................1

Task 2:

Summarizing and Comprehension………………….2

Task 3:

Writing to persuade…………………………….3-3.3

Task 4:

Skimming, Reviewing and Referencing………..4-4.2

Task 1:


Grammar and Punctuation

1. I do not have the option to choose between dayshift and nightshift. 2. I had no choice, but to re-write my essay.
3. They chose to mine sand rather than iron ore.
4. I tied the ribbon in a loose knot.
5. The driver lost control over the car.
6. I carry my notes a loose-leaf binder.


David looked out of the window at the beautiful landscape. He could see the rolling green hills as they swept down to the sea and the sea gulls circling to each, “kwaak, kwaak,” they cried as they dipped and swayed in the wind. “How wonderful it would be to fly as free as a bird,” he said to himself. Just then, he heard his mother calling, “David where are you?” Slowly, he rose from his chair and went downstairs to see what she wanted.

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Task 2:


Summarizing and comprehension

Decoratively speaking, a log performs a variety of domestic functions. Domestic exploitation of logs however is only a minor aspect of the part played by seemingly inanimate objects in nature.
Throughout its life, a tree converts solar energy into wood fibres, withdrawing large quantities of chemical compounds from the soil. When the tree becomes a log, it begins to decompose. During this time of decay, the log serves a number of useful natural purposes. By its very size, the log conserves moisture in the soil beneath and it can also help to control erosion by halting the un-off of water. The log therefore, provides an interesting and very necessary part of the ecological niche.

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1. The title of the article may suggest the content of the article, namely what could happen to a part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off. 2. Adorn mantelpieces, it can be used as firewood and it can be used to create indoor gardens.

3. The ecological niche involves both the place where an organism lives and the roles that an organism does in its habitat.
4. Man tends to cut down trees for his own use, without considering the damage it may be causing in nature.

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Task 3: Writing to p...

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