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PC Hints & Cheats
Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes
1. Cheat Codes
To enter in these cheat codes, press Enter, then type in the following codes for the desired effects. Cheat | Effect |
marco | Full Map |
resign | Instant Lose |
i r winner | Instant Victory |
black death | Kill All Opponents |
to smithereens | Saboteur Unit |
polo | No Shadows |
natural wonders | Control the Animals |
wimpywimpywimpy | Commit Suicide |
how do you turn this on | Cobra Car |
aegis | Build Fast |
robin hood | 1000 Gold |
lumberjack | 1000 wood |
cheese steak jimmy's | 1000 Food |
rock on | 1000 Stone |
torpedo(1-8) | Kill Indicated Opponent (Check what slot number they're in) | I love the monkey head | A VDML man will appear at your Town Center | !nomute | Undoes the !mute code |
!mute | Will not hear any taunts |
furious the monkey boy | Furious the Monkey Boy |
2. Command Line Cheat Codes
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Cheat | Effect |
autompsave | Automatically Save Game |
NoStartup | No Pre-Game FMV Sequences |
NormalMouse | Standard Mouse Pointer |
NoSound | Disable ALL sounds except during FMV sequences |
NoMusic | Disable ALL music |
NoTerrainSound | Disable ALL terrain sounds |
Msync | Fix SoundBlaster AWE freezes |
800 | 800 x 600 screen resolution |
1024 | 1024 x 768 screen resolution |
1280 | 1280 x 1024 screen resolution |
Age of Empires 2 Passwords
1. Cheat Codes (Japanese Version)

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-8 1 10 1000 1024 10k 11 12 1280 12k 13 14 14k 15 16 17 175k 18 19 1999 2 20 2001 2013 21 22 22k 23 24 26k 3 30 345k 35k 360 3ds 4 40k 42k 43k 440k 5 6 600 6k 7 720 768 8 8.0 800 87k 9 9.0 9.1 901k 92 9k academi activ ad add advertis aegi age also ambient andrea anim answer appear ascens attacknewsmax.combeat auto automat autompsav awe back ball berserkboy bioshock bird black blueey bonus bottom boy bring bros budokai build c caesar call capt car cbs center cgorman chat cheat check chees choic civil cobra code coinag command commit comput connect content control correspond courtesi ctrl dark date death dee default defeat defianc desir destroy disabl display dog doom doomsayer13 doublelift download dragon driver ds duel duti effect elder empir end enemi ensembl enter esrb essay eu except f2p facebook falcon faq faq/strategy faq/walkthrough fast fast/instant featur feel final fix fmv fog follow food form forum freez full function furious gaia game gamefaq gamespot gaparr64 genr get gi give god gold googl greet gta guid gullibl gx hack head hear heart help hint hit home hood hot hotkey ii iii iiwar imag immedi immut inc indic infinit info instant interact internet iphon japanes jchamberlin jimmi job join key kill king kylohk leagu legend level like line link list ll load look lose love luigi lumberjack man mansion map marco mario may mediev mele men menu metacriticus mfill microsoft mobil monkey moon mous msync multiplay music mute mytholog na natur new new/better news nfs nomus nomut normalmous nosound nostartup noterrainsound nov number odg oh old older one onlin op opinion oppon p page paramet password pc pcedit pepperoni pizza platform pointer polici polo pre pre-gam press preview privaci problem promot pros provid ps ps2 ps2review ps3 psp pyrofalkon q quarri r rate re real real-tim releas remov requir reserv resign resolut resourc reveal review right rise robin rock rome rss rts run saboteur san save score screen scroll search see select sep sequenc shadow shortcut sieg similar site skyrim slot smash smithereen sound soundblast standard star start steak steroid stone strategi structur studi studio suicid suitabl summari super talk taunt tech teen term terrain thean thief thing time tip titl top topic torpedo torpedox total town tree turn twitter type u undo unit updat us use user utuseless v vdml version victori video view vike visit vita walkthrough want war wii wiiu wimpywimpywimpi window winner wonder wood woodstock woof worldwid write x x360 xbox youtub yu yu-gi-oh z