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1 Assess Importance Machiavelli S Writings Making Modern E Essay

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1. Assess the importance of Machiavelli's writings in the making of Modern Europe

Machiavelli's writings are important because they analyse the features a strong Prince in the Renaissance from an amoral and objective perspective. This essay will discuss Machiavelli's writings including 'the Prince' and 'discourses on Livy' and its impact on the organisation of the military and the retention of power. This paper will then address the connection between his writing and the importance of it in the making of Early-modern Europe

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince as a guide for those who wish to rule or who were already in possession of a principality. It was written for the European Context and constantly refers to the European States in the 'Modern' times. Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy at a time when the country was in political upheaval. Italy was divided between four dominant city-states, and each of these was continually at the mercy of the stronger foreign governments of Europe. Machiavelli's treatise was an account of how to act and react against negative pressures internally and externally. The Prince is an intensely practical guide to the exercise of raw political power over a Renaissance principality. Most political journals of the time spoke reflected more upon the establishment and traditions of a government. Machiavelli's writing was of particular note due to the relevancy and amoral perspective that he took. The examples he used were written in for the environment that rulers of the day were living in. The book was a result of previous Italian incompetence and the tragedy of the Italian cause, and more importantly the Florentine cause. However Machiavelli's writing was designed to be applied to any state, and thus the...

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