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MBA 2013/14 Shirlene Smits Matthew Cigler 8608255224083 Amy Moore/Bonita Lee Shaw Genesis


16 January 2013

This serves to confirm that the content herein is my own work and all sources used have been referenced. This document is considered confidential and no unauthorized use of any information contained herein is permitted.

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Declaration regarding plagiarism:

MBA and PDBA students

GIBS / University of Pretoria emphasises integrity and ethical behaviour with regard to the preparation of all written assignments submitted for academic evaluation. Students who are guilty of plagiarism will forfeit all credits for the work concerned. In addition, this matter will be referred to the Committee for Discipline (Students) for ruling. Plagiarism is considered a serious violation of the University’s regulations and may lead to your suspension from the University. Academic personnel provide information regarding reference techniques, as well as ways to avoid plagiarism. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to comply with ethical academic and research behaviour. The University’s policy regarding plagiarism is available on the Internet at h...

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