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AB1601 – Organisational Behaviour
Creative Thinking Assignment

Migrating animals signify the lack of belonging. Similarly, globalisation has resulted in international citizens that country hop to wherever opportunities arise. Citizens may not feel the need to be responsible as their stay in Dragonland might just be temporal. As approximately two out of seven of the population are foreigners, failure to address their indifference towards the nation’s vision of becoming a ‘City of Garden and Water’ will significantly hinder Dragonland’s progress towards it. To address this, government can increase their stake hold by encouraging them to purchase a house and settle down in Dragonland. This can be done by enticing them to apply for citizenship in order to enjoy certain perks such as healthcare.

Animals on land did not settle inland but skirt the shores and are tending back to sea. Similarly, people tend to revert back to their old ways as it is difficult to adopt a new way of thinking and doing things. This shows an inherent tendency in people to regress. This problem can be mitigated through having community centres organise regular activities to continuously involve the community in the nation’s green effort and rewarding volunteers. Animals from higher up the f...

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