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1.) Adequate
2.) Inadequate; it’s written in a question form and the answer isn’t already obvious to the reader. 3.) Adequate
4.) Inadequate; you shouldn’t make your thesis statement merely an announcement of your subject matter or a description of your intentions. 5.) Adequate
6.) Inadequate; the writer is trying to explain two different issues in one essay. 7.) Inadequate; the writer is being unreasonable and may be insulting his readers. 8.) Adequate
9.) Adequate
10.) Inadequate; the statement is merely stating a fact that is self-evident or a dead-end topic.

1.) Many people have a negative experience when applying for a job. It clearly states an opinion that will be supported in the essay. 2.) The county’s new voting machines have many advantages. Only one topic is being discussed. 3.) Buying baseball tickets online can be difficult. It clearly states the topic which will be discussed without giving one opinion. 4.) The controversial motorcycle helmet law is a growing debate. You’re not explaining your topic. 5.) Th...

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