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Resurgam Content Writing And Pr Essay

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Resurgam web studio - a child company of Resurgam design studio, excels in core website

development and designing. With a team of 4 engineers and 3 designers, Resurgam was

founded in 2011, based in Mumbai, India.

The team is committed to the most widely used technologies in various arenas of website and

UI development. After working for the past two years with compelling designs and structured

technological development for the Indian Clients, Resurgam is now restructuring its service

infrastructure for international clients and offshore projects. With a vision to expand qualitatively,

Resurgam aims to promote the business benefits of the client, not just as a vendor, but as an

inhouse IT team and consultants with mutual interests.

Following are the services that Resurgam has been providing for the past 2 years

Service Description

Designers at Resurgam focuses on the graphica...

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