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Writing In The Discipline Midterm Examination Essay

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Writing Across the Discipline- Midterm Exam
|Instructress: Ms. Catherine Linobo |16th of July 2014

Multiple Choice: Choose the letter of the best answer to each question. Write all answers to the test booklet. 1. A repeated pattern of behaviour.
A. Myth B. Ritual C. Writing D. Freewriting E. Journal

2. A traditional story which embodies a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon. A. Myth B. Ritual C. Writing D. Freewriting E. Journal

3. The process of representing a language with symbols of letters. A. Myth B. Ritual C. Writing D. Freewriting E. Journal

4. A place of daily writing.
A. Myth B. Ritual C. Writing D. Freewriting E. Journal

5. It is usually used to reduce or eliminate “writer’s block”. A. Myth B. Ritual C. Writing D. Freewriting E. Journal

6. The following are considered myths in writing except one: A. Good writers are born, not made.
B. Writing courses are just a review of boring grammar and punctuation. C. Writing is really creative writing.
D. Good writers learn from other writers.

7. Which of the following is not considered a writing ritual? A. Buying your favourite ice cream after writing a writing assignment. B. Having access to notes, journal, textbooks and other...

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