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Episode IV: The Magical Key
Jack is your normal, everyday 15 year old kid. Since he could remember, he has always had to do without many possessions in his life. But he has always been happy-go-lucky, yet somewhat careless with his thoughts and actions. They lived in a rundown apartment building in the slums, and have been selling their possessions and finding miscellaneous jobs and tasks just to make it by. Jack was down to his last few cd’s and just a couple of dvd’s, while his mother was down to her collection of Shirley Temple porcelain plates that had a lot of sentimental value, but carried a decent value. So, she sent him down to the pawn shop to sell off the remaining items they had, to be able to make it through hopefully the month.

While at the pawn shop, Jack noticed a peculiar key in the glass case he was standing in front of. This key had two gems attached to it, an emerald and a ruby, and Jack’s eyes sparkled as the light shined through the precious stones. Just as Jack was going to walk up to the register to sell the last of their possessions, a man behind the counter spoke up and asked if Jack wanted to know more about t...

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