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Aliens Descriptive Writing Essay

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Standing in the blazing sun I could feel my heart racing as I carefully scanned the field for the ball. I could see Choochi had possession and he was running towards me with a sinister smile. He took a stance a few feet away from me and gave me a nod as his leg swung back. Before I was able to see his foot make contact with the ball I heard it in the net behind me. He walked slowly towards me mockingly mirroring my facial expression. I saw his lips moving b...

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100 abl across air alien along anoth appear around ascend away babi back ball beauti behind blaze bodi bright brother call came care catchi chandeli cheek chilli choochi closer comment complet confus contact control could couldn cri curv dark descript distanc dri end escal ever exclaim express extend eye face facial familiar fear feel feet felt field flash follow foot frighten gave get glass gloomi go got hallway hand hang hear heard heart hide huddl idiot least leg light lip look lost loud louder m magnific make massiv mine mirror mock month move neon net next nice nine nod number open origin other oval over pierc possess puzzl race rather rhythmic right rip roar room rumbl run sang saw scan scare second see sens shape share shuffl silenc sinist sky slowli smile someth spacious stanc stand start stop sun surpris swung talk tank tear thought thud time togeth took toward tri tune two use voic wait walk wall wet wipe womb word wrap write wrong