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General Information:

The country of Argentina second-largest country in South America, or The Argentine Republic, is located in the southern region of South America between Chile and Uruguay, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean. Slightly less than three-tenths the size of the US, Argentina is 2,766,890 square kilometers in area. Argentina borders Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The capital, Buenos Aires, lies in the eastern part of Argentina, slightly northwest from Uruguay. The currency is Argentine pesos (ARS) and one Argentine Peso is worth 3.06 American Dollars.


Land: Argentina consists of rich plains in northern half, flat to rolling plateau in south, and rugged terrain along the western border. Argentina has a 4,989 km coastline bordering the South Atlantic Ocean. The highest point is the Cerro Aconcagua, which is 6,960 m high and the lowest point is the Salinas Chicas, located on the Valdes peninsula is 40 m high. Cerro Aconcagua is South America's tallest mountain, and the Valdes Peninsula is the lowest point on the continent. The natural resources are fertile plains of the Pampas, lea...

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