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Creative Writing Belonging Essay

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The crusted cliff top sighed empathetically in the burning embers of his fiery wake. He sat there, gazing upon the gentle planet that the deity’s society had named Earth. Lonely, he began to conjure a wheel of fire with his fingers to play with. Behind, hiding in the dry trees stood a human-like figure with blue eminence from its eyes. The place he lived in was Valhalla, the realm of the Gods, an intense dimension that was fashioned for the prosperity of higher beings. This forlorn god sitting alone, intriguing himself with a few flames; is the Prince of Blazes, Fenrir. Fenrir was clad in flames stemming from the rear of his legs to the talon-like wrists of his arms with red armor-like gear spawning from his chest and limbs. All gods have their forms derived into animals ...

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