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Writing To Convince Essay

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English 1611
Writing to Convince
Professor Rice, T, Th 1:30pm

As border security has become a controversial issue in and around the borderland area, due to an increase of abuses, and incidents involving human and constitutional rights violations involving border patrol agents, at other than border crossing locations; bringing about an outcry of involvement of know your rights activist and private citizens. With the advanced level of technology that has been implemented, it seems that there is no doubt in the public's opinion that the borders are more secure in the present time than in the past. The facial recognition and tracking devices implanted in almost everything electronic such as cameras and finger printing computerized devices; there should be no need to have the outlying border patrol check points that are further than fifty miles from the actual border crossing. It is now apparent to many of the advocacy groups that are focusing on constitutional freedoms that are given to every citizen and non-citizen by the United States Constitution. Knowing and practicing the rights outlined and provided by the amendments of the U.S. Constitution, will prove to be an important part of a larger plan focusing on t...

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