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1. Active reading-- includes taking notes, using a symbol system you developed. Looking up words you don’t know. 2. Journaling—gets out thoughts you’ve had while reading Generate the important questions: Should relate to at least one of our elements of a story. (plot, setting, character, tone, mood, etc.) Example from “Hills Like White Elephants:” “How does Hemingway use space and setting in HLWE?” 3. After journaling… finding evidence. Look for quotes from the text that relate to your question. In HLWE, because it’s a very short story, find anything you can. Accumulate as much as you can- a “bank of evidence”. Starting small—the thesis will be the answer to this question. 4. Write the question at the top of the page, fill in the quotes. 5. Introduce your quotes, only ONE way to introduce them.

5a. Provide context for the quote
5b. It must be an independent clause (a sentence that can stand ...

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