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I. What is TOEIC? (Long Anh Tuan)
II. Factors influence on TOEIC Listening (Long Anh Tuan)
1. Vocabulary
2. Pronunciation
3. Background sounds
III. TOEIC Listening Strategy
1. Photographs (Tran Vu Tam Nguyen)
Photo strategy
2. Question – Response (Truong Thi Hong Anh– not do)
3. Short conversations (Hoang Thi Kim Ngan)
a. Where
b. What
c. Who
d. When
e. How
f. Why
4. Talks (Tran Vu Tam Nguyen)
a. Advertisement
b. Weather
c. News
d. Recorded announcement
e. Special announcement
IV. Conclusion (Group)

Babies have the ability to hear and distinguish different sounds months before their first words, which is the natural process of the development of language skills. However, most Vietnamese students learning English are taught to read and write before they know how to listen and speak. As a result, many English learners find it more difficult to complete listening tasks than other skills’, so do TOEIC’s participants. In fact, many TOEIC takers find it very difficult to achieve high score in the Listening part, and this research is written to help you discover the reasons for poor listening mark along with the solutions to improve your result.

Before 1960s, English tests for foreign learners were “limited to testing reading ability and the knowledge of grammatical rules” (Woodford, 1982, p.2). TOEIC, which was created by ETS (Educational Testing Service),are designed to measure students’ ability to use English in daily life as well as in the global workplace environment. It is the abbreviation for ‘Test of English for International Communication’. According to Woodford (1982), “the Listening Section of TOEIC is indeed an accurate indicator of an examinee’s ability to comprehend spoken English”. Besides, the listening part of TOEIC is also a tool to measure skills that candidates would use in real world. If we want to improve our listening score, first we should figure out the causes of bad listening skills. Although the causes of bad listening skills are variable, we would divide them into three ones: vocabulary, pronunciation, and the background sounds. Firstly, one cannot understand the word he hears unless he has already known it before. Moreover, the lack of vocabulary may cause interruption when students are taking a test. They may stop listening to think about what the strange word means, then they miss the following parts of the listening task. Secondly, if one mispronounce a word, he cannot recognize the word through correct pronunciation in the listening test. Therefore, pronunciation does not only have an impact on speaking, but also has a great influence on our listening skills. Finally, TOEIC takers may find it difficult to stay focus on the test due to the noise and the background sounds in some listening exercises. The background sounds may “not allow them to identify the key information to answer some of the questions” (Ardila, 2013, p.97). In following parts of this text, we will talk about the detail strategy that helps you accomplish good result in every type of Listening exercise.

The first part of the TOEIC Listening test is the “Photographs”. In this part, students listen to four sentences de...

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