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“You let the Creeper go.”

“Yes!” I shouted at Alex. “I let the freaking Creeper go! Get over it!”

“But you gave it a Golden Apple!” She retorted.

“Because you nearly killed it with my helmet!”

She huffed and pushed past me, and continued to mine downwards.

“Alex, don’t dig straight down.” I chided her once she started.

“Oh shut up you!” Then she fell through the floor into a ravine, luckily she landed in water, and not the lava five blocks away.

“Told you so!” I yelled down, before jumping down myself.

Before I could get to her though, an arrow, that I swear had enchants on it, shot me into the lava.

I faintly heard Alex shout something before a bunch of Endermen made noise and, I’m guessing, knocked her out.

And as if that didn’t make my blood boil enough, aside from that fact I was swimming in lava (Golden apples for the win!) They apparently start to prepare to eat, her.

As quietly as I could I climbed out of the lava, and got to higher ground, taking out the skeleton guards along the way.

As I was about to take out the Endermen a few blocks in front of me, I realized my armor burnt of in the lava. Cursing lightly I rushed the Enderman hoping to kill him quick.

That’s why I’m above a fire slowly being spun by one of the Pigmen.

Alex woke up about the time they got me on the fire and was currently screaming through a gag.

Once the Wither Skeleton in charge realized I couldn’t be cooked thanks to the apples, I was taken to a butchering area, which consisted of an obsidian block and a diamond knife.

Then I smirked, realizing the mod I installed must work since my hands had burnt through the binds.

Jumping forward, grabbing the knife, stabbing the butcher and Enderman escort killing them both, and running out of the cave where I saw a disturbing site.

Alex was about to b...

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