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Sumaya noor
2 year experience in preparing accounting reports for wholesale importer. Audit financial transactions with supplies and created a computer model to adjust accounts for fluctuations. Having comprehensive knowledge on various accounting practices and procedures. My objective is to gain accounting management position requiring knowledge of international finance. I got (3.5/4.0) GPA when completed bachelor’s degree. Personal profile:

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-0 -0000 -2010 -2011 -2015 /4.0 000 03001234567 2 2009 2010 2011 2013 254 3.5 750/1100 757/1100 abil abl academ account accur adjust adress ahmad area aspect audit b.a b.i.s.e b.maths bachelor bank bill bio book bring budget busi c.geography card chair chemistri clear client co co-ordin commerc commerci compani complet comprehens comput control creat credit deadlin degre director dispar divis draft duti email establish excel exist expans experi expertis extern f.a father financ financi firm first fluctuat fsd function gain game garden got gpa guid gulf handl help histori hobbi hors human i.d import institut intern invest k key knowledg maintain major manag manual march marks/grades matric meet member model name noor number object oct ordin pass person physic play posit potenti practic prepar present procedur process profession profil project qualif raee read record refer report requir resolv resourc respons resum ride separ skill subject success sumaya [email protected] summari suppli system team technic tight town transact uaf understand various wholesal work write year