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Different Level Of Government Responsibility Uk Essay

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The United Kingdom has different levels of government system; the function of this multi-level government system can be observed in brief from the figure given below: Figure 1:

For the smooth and efficient running of the country and the public services there are different organizations and branches of government at every level. This ensures that the country runs in a manner that is the most efficient and there are no hurdles in the management of the country and the various services that are required for its citizens. In UK there are two main levels in the system of the government; these are the Central Government and the Local Government. Apart from this there are also various regional governments and the institutions of the European Union that affect the administration of the system of the government. Since the tax payer pays for them, the Local, Regional and the Central government in UK are in fact all public services. These people who run the central and local government are chosen by the people during election, and hence are democratic in nature. FIGURE: 2

The most power legislature in the world, their parliament has 726 members who are on behalf of all the 27 member states of the European Union. The ones that are directly elected from UK are total 72 in number who attend this parliament to represent the interest of the country; out of this 4 of them are on behalf of Wales. The drafting of a legislation that has an impact on the daily life of the citizens is what the parliament is responsible for. These include areas such as: Protection of the Environment.

The Consumer Protection.
To ensure that all the citizens of the country receive equal opportunities, these opportunities are in respect to: Transportation
The freedom of movements of the workers
Freedom of movement of capitals, services and goods.
The United Kingdom Parliament is the Central Government, it is situated London at the Westminster Palace. The Central Government is that leve...

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