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Social Views And Writing Style Essay

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Although he was highly critical of the post-independence Congress party establishment, he was more sympathetic to the right-wing Hindu nationalist movement in India. He refused to criticise the destruction of mosques: "“Muslims do not have the slightest right to complain about the desecration of one mosque in Ayodhya. From 1000 AD every temple from ...

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1000 2 accept access acknowledg ad also although arab argument avoid ayodhya bengali bihar cast choic cholitobhasha choltibhasha class common complain congress construct continu critic criticis deep deepli dens desecr destruct distinct distress edit enforc escap establish even everi express forest forgiv gain happen high himalaya hindi hindu histor hypocrisi independ india influenc intergener judgment kathiawar languag left less life littl middl modern moral mosqu movement muslim nation nationalist northern older one origin otherwis parti particular persian post post-independ power proletarian prose reason refus regard religion research respect result reveal right right-w rigid ruin sack sanskrit saw scope self self-respect shadhubhasha slightest social spell stand style sympathet tast templ though transfer upbring urdu use valu vandal version victorianesqu view vindhya wing women word would write চলতিভাষা চলিতভাষা সাধুভাষা