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What MUST you do?

You must include the 5 W’s and H:
What, Who, Where, When, Why, How

Give SPECIFIC DETAILS – don’t generalise.

You must include LOTS of detail and give EXAMPLES.

Always give REASONS that explain WHY you think / need / like / admire something.

You need to convince your reader to think / do something!

You need to argue your point of view BUT you MUST include a counter–argument too (and then defeat it!)

Here you must make sure you are friendly and reassuring – and tell people what to do!

You need explain WHY people should do something and give EXAMPLES to show exactly what you mean.

Here you need to be creative!

Try to paint a picture with words!

Remember to describe sounds, smells and textures too!


The park is in the centre of London. The closest tube station is Regents Park on the Bakerloo Line; it is open from 9am to 5pm. There are rides for all heights and ages and many cafes and restaurants serving a range of food such as: fast food, Thai food, Italian and Mexican.

You may be wondering wh...

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