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Writing Assigment 1 Essay

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Wajiha Khan
Ms. Frances Taylor
GOVT 2306
December 20, 2014
Local Governments of Texas
Under the Local Government Act 1989, the function of local government is very broad. Section 1 of the Act and Section 3A of the Act state that, local government’s purpose is ‘…the peace, order and good governance…’ of their municipal district. Local governments’ structure is established through States laws or constitutions. Some are established by direct state action and some are established because states citizens’ shows desire to avail local services in their specific geographical area. States also regulate the authority of each type of government. U.S Census Bureau classified local governments in two categories of General Purpose and the other is Special Purpose. In 2007, Census of Governments analyzed 39,044 general purpose local governments, which includes counties, municipalities, and townships. Counties are typically the greatest political estate and their fundamental function is to oversee state laws within their boundaries. They also maintain the peace, jails, collect taxes, build and repair roads and bridges, and record deeds, marriages, and deaths. Supervisors or C...

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