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Sarah Lost Property Writing Task Essay

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1. Journey was a main theme in the novel. Josh’s journey was a physical one to Mackay, but also an emotional one. Give details about his two journeys. What does josh learn about himself and others? From the outside, Josh's life looks pretty much perfect. He's in a band, he has a gorgeous girlfriend and he does well at school. But Josh's family has been slowly falling apart since his older brother disappeared two years before.

Then Josh comes across a clue to Michael's whereabouts in the Lost Property Office where he's working for the holidays. Determined to put his family back together, and without a word to anyone, Josh too leaves Sydney to bring his brother home. He travels up the coast of New South Wales and Queensland, when his bus stops halfway into his physical journey he has his wallet stolen and beaten up badly by thieves. Leaving him bruised and battered he decides to continue on his way to find Michael. Once he got to Mackay he was trying to find his way around the town famous for harvesting large amounts of sugar cane. He finds himself not knowing where to look and running out of leads to find Michae...

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