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School Pride
People think that the relationship between schools and students is simple; students study in schools and schools educate students. Schools should provide enough resources and good living surroundings to students, while students should behave well and accomplish schoolwork in schools. However, the connection between schools and students is complementary. Both schools and students give to and gain from each other at the same time, especially with school pride. Students spend their money and time in cheering for schools so that schools can earn reputation, while schools provide advanced technology and good teaching back in return to students so that students can learn more. School pride is one of the most important responsibilities that students should fulfill in schools, since it helps show what the school atmosphere is and helps build a harmonious community. Even though many people cast doubt on the influence of school pride in schools, school pride has certain impact on both schools and students. As a result, students should be proud of their school, since it not only encourages the school spirit, but also helps improve the learning environment. Many people argue that it is schools’ responsibility to create school pride but not students’ obligation to do so since whether to be proud of school does not affect the school much. School pride is based on school’s own style of teaching and how school leaders regard school pride. However, without students’ love toward school and the will to support school, the school cannot be one of the top universities and students cannot gain so much knowledge. School pride means that students love and support their schoo...

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