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The Map To Playwriting Essay

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Samoranos, Jesha Joy R.
ENG 105 – C

The Map to Playwriting

To travel to any place, for example, from UPLB to Enchanted Kingdom, one may take the jeepney or drive his private vehicle. Of course, this trip must have been planned and prepared for beforehand. Either through commute or carpool, land transportation generally use automobiles powered by fuel that pass through roads that lead to a specific destination. A driver or a commuter must know where he must go and how to get there, maybe through road signs or the use of a map to be even more precise. Most of the time, not being able to meet the two requisites will lead him astray.

Writing a play is the same with transportation. The driver or the commuter is the playwright. He drives or rides a vehicle as the writer steers or traverses along his story. The vehicle runs on fuel, which might be the equated to the author’s creativity and motivation to write that powers the story. Starting a play goes through a lot of planning and conceptualizing because if the writer does not know where his story is going, he is just as...

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