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Than Tran

Period 1 – rough draft.

In the 21st century, technology has been developing and is available at every corner of our lives. From airports to companies, electronic devices are being used to their fullest to benefit people. However, there are a few controversial issues about those devices: people wonder if we overuse them and let them affect our lives, our privacies. One of those issues is the use of surveillance – especially cameras – at schools. Should cameras be used to monitor students’ behaviors?

Currently, there are 2 opposite views about this. One side states that the cameras in schools only there to protect students from wrongdoings or being victims of them. Children, and parents, should feel safe at schools and therefore can focus on improving their academic tasks. The others have a completely different view: surveillances may help with the students’ safeties, but while doing that they also violate the students’ privacies. Nobody wants to be watched whenever and wherever they go as if they were prisoners. This argument has been going on for some years. In my opinion, I agree with the use of the cameras, but where they are installed and how they function must be thought carefully in order not to go beyond the privacy line.

Firstly, nobody can doubt the effectiveness of surveillance cameras. Let face it: schools aren’t heaven for children anymore. There are wrongdoings, even crimes occurring at schools nowadays. Bullying is one of the biggest problems. How can you or your children study when they always have to worry about hiding or having their lunch t...

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