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Writing Your Story Essay

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Writing Your Story
Kalika D. Peterson
Donna Rossi

Today’s society, the media has succeeded in brainwashing the world . Things like, “Thin is in” “fat is out”, “eat this”, “ your beautiful if you look like this”, the list goes on and on. From the media, to weight loss company, magazine articles and cosmetic lines, they all want women to take their advice because of course they know what’s best for you as a woman, right?

Self-esteem, according to an article on the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) website entitled, “Self Esteem,” is appreciating one’s own worth and importance and having the character to be accountable for oneself and to act responsibly toward others. It is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself, and an absolute necessity (2001, pg. 1). The article also states that “...

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