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Re Writing A Well Known Children S Story Essay

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Shelby O
TH 114 - Christopher M. Montpetit

Edward the Troll and the 3 Bully Billy Goats

Everyone knows the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, but have you ever wondered why the troll seemed so mean? I’d like to tell you the story as I know it to be, and see if your opinion on the matter changes.

Once upon a time there was a troll named Edward. It’s a hard life being a troll, you smell even when you’re clean, you grow a beard in the 3rd grade, and you are never tall enough to ride any amusement park rides. Edward grew up under a bridge by a small river not crossed often. After school he would spend his days in the green fields picking flowers, talking to the ladybugs and eating grasshoppers. In class, all the other students would make fun of him and call him names. They would hide his books on tall shelves and throw bits of paper at him trying to get them stuck in his beard. The worst of the offenders were 3 brother goats. They were loud and obnoxious and ate anyone’s lunch they wanted, even tearing through the trash cans after class! They picked on Edward every chance they got even though they never took the time to talk to him. It eventually got so bad that Edward decided he didn’t need to go to school and he would spend his days in his field and his river enjoying the beauty of his bridge. Because he lived on the outskirts of town he didn’t have to anyone, and he quite liked that idea.


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