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Writing 1 Julia Pascal Fall 2014 Essay

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Fall 2014.

WR1-UF 9101-082
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[email protected]

020 73830920

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THURSDAYS 10am-1pm.



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Class Description
Classes will be in the form of seminars rather than formal lectures. There will be an interactive element with elements of debate and group discussion.

Writing in class
Students will be expected to participate in free writing in class after a prompt. Spontaneous writing is an important part of the methodology.

Style of the class.
This is a varied class with a diversity of stimuli to help the student engage with several writing styles that are both creative and also analytical. The student's individual voice will be encouraged as a writer. Freshmen will be encouraged to experience the sounds of the different voices in London as a way of connecting a sense of the aural and the oral. Deadlines for papers will be given at each class.

Desired Outcomes
1.To write with fluency, passion, precision and a varied vocabulary. 2. To appreciate the importance of continual revision and re-editing as well as to understand how crucial it is to read work out loud in order to pick up repetitions, clumsy phrasing and verbosity. 1. 3. To read and understand the multi-levels within chosen texts and to be able to write Critical Analysis.4.To understand how to structure papers so that they are dynamic. 2. 5.To learn to look and listen on several levels as a way of decoding meaning. 3. 6.To write freshly and without cliché. To avoid repetition and verbosity. 7.To be able to form a strong argument and to construct sentences with narrative drive. 8.To explore the imagination through personal writing which can be prose, a small dramatic scene, memoir or reportage.

Assessment Components

Students will write 4-5 major papers of 1000-1200 words which will be frequently revised over the semester. These will be edited by the professor and by the student so that weaknesses can be overcome and strengths developed. Of the papers written by the student, and over the process of drafting and redrafting, the final choices will be chosen for a final portfolio. This methodology will allow the student to try creative personal writing as well as analysis in order to stretch their range and fluency. The final portfolio will be 5,000-6,000 words although students may have written more over the semester. These papers will have been refined over the working period. This will happen through the workshops, discussions, seminars and tutorials. There will also be a strong element of debate and class brainstorming as a way of sharing ideas, provoking new ones and exploring common difficulties. Grades are based upon the following considerations: quality of research, depth of critical thinking, clarity of argument, analysis of character study and understanding of the three act structure.

There are two oral assessments.
There will be no grading until after week three.
Final grades will be based on the following:
Presentations – 10%
Class Participation -- 25%
Final papers – 65%
Failure to submit or fulfil any required course component results in failure of the class. Assessment Expectations
Grade A: Clear writing with a strongly individual voice. Excellent grammar. A strong sense of language and structure. An ability to edit work, removing repetitions, a varied vocabulary, an exciting style.] Grade B: A good style with a strong sense of structure. A student who knows how to make a paper active and engaging. Grade C: A student who writes without fluency or a strong sense of the power of language. Grade D: Problems with repetition ,poverty of vocabulary, clumsy phrasing. Inability to apply learning and develop. Grade F: Grade F: Poor work that...

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