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Chapter 7

“Keep your head up.” Slim took a sip of his drink and looked right at George. “It’s hard, so hard, Slim.” George said in reply, looking at the bar top, “He is,” he paused for a moment, holding back tears, “was my best friend. I need a moment, Slim, need to get some air; I’ll be back in a while.” He took a big gulp of his beer and got off the tall bar stool. Walking down the street George thought about what he did to Lennie. His manhood was almost stripped when a tear came running down his check, but catching himself he wiped it away with his sleeve. The street was empty, with the exception of a couple stray cats and an old man, taking a break from work to have a cigarette. It was beginning to get foggy, really fast. From all the alleys, fog rushed in, it was like a town on the ocean getting flooded with water. The old man got up frantically, dropped his cigarette and ran inside, and the cats scattered off into the night. Every step that George took, the fog got thicker, and it rushed towards him from every direction. It encircled the middle aged man, who just shot his best friend in the head, and started spinning like a hurricane. George started running, but the faster he ran the faster it spun, until suddenly, it all stopped. Within seconds all the fog was gone, and the setting was much different than before. The cool, California night air was gone and he wasn’t in the street any longer. George looked around and realized that the place he was in was a large warehouse, bigger than a work field at the ranch. “How did I get here?” He asked to himself. There was just nothing, bland concrete floors and concrete walls in the distance. As he became more aware of himself, he saw a red door, hundreds of feet away. “Hello?” George yelled at the top of his lungs, but the only reply was an echo. When nobody answered he started to get scared. There was a peace to this place like he had never felt before, the kind of extreme peace that makes you go insane. He started walking towards the door, the walk then turned into a run, and the run turned into an all out sprint. He ran fast, like really fast, faster than he did running out of Weed with Lennie. He forgot about him for a couple moments, but as quick as Lennie came into his mind, he was gone again. As George ran he got younger, and as he got younger he got more athletic, causing him to run even faster. This makes no sense, what kind of a place is this? The door was closer now, only a couple more feet. He slowed back down to a walk and took the final steps toward...

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