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Engl 1301 Writing 4 Division Essay

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By: Eric Heifner

In the Bible, anger is mentioned about 250 times. We are told to “be angry and do not sin”. We’re told not to “let the sun go down on our anger”. We’re told to get rid of our anger, and to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving of one another. Anger is an inescapable aspect of life. In the Greek text there are three different words u...

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1301 250 4 action actual advers anger angri anoth around aspect bad bibl book carri chang changer compassion concept consid crime danger dealt desir differ divis drive effect emot engl eric fact feel felt flare forgiv get gnaw go greek gut head health heifner hideous hot hot-head import inescap injustic jesus kick kind last lead least led let life like long lot love mad make mani mean mention might money next often one org parogismo passion peopl physic place pleas posit pretti problem proper rage re real reason refer resent result rid road say second sin social sometim spiritu sun take temper temper-flar templ tend text thing third three thumo time told toward type uncontrol uniqu unrestrain use word world write wrongdo yes