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Creative Writing Poetry Task Essay

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We pave our memories through this paper city,
filling Tarmac arteries with the luck that flows within ours We weave patterns in each other's minds,
rituals that etch deep into our chests-
those parts of the other that can't be lost; patched over your jagged past.

I'd cover all your bruises with sesame street band aids,
except for one little scratch-
I want your flaws to leak through occasionally.
Let them spill into crumpled tissues I won't stop holding your hand. Let your collarbones shake and your spine curl and let the hurt out. I'll flick the light switch;
wipe your sadness on my sleeve,
That wound can heal now.
One day you will wake up mid summer with messy hair stuck to the pillow, and the taste of my dry lips on your tired chest. I'll be wrapped up in the sheets still caught in a dream on the floor next to the ash tray. In the stomach of the kitchen we boil coffee ten seconds longer for good luck and wait for the ashtray to flood before emptying it; the chapped tongue of the curtains poking out last night's sl...

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