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Harvey Milk: The inspiring Gay Activist

Milk was a biographical film based on gay right activists and a politician by the name of Harvey Milk. Harvey was the first homosexual individual to be elected into the public office in California as one of the members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The film begins with the police raiding gay bars and arresting homosexuals during the 1950’s and 1960’s and then this follows up with a fast forward to 1978 in November where the press is releasing the information on the assassinations of Milk and Moscone. Equality was a key concept in the reading and it is extremely evident in the film that equality was not being given to homosexuals. This is what Harvey Milk was fighting for.

Homosexual equality was an issue throughout the film because they were looked at as different individuals and it was not accepted to want to be with the opposite sex. Harvey constantly threw himself out there as an activist, voicing his views on gay rights and it did not bother him that people knew he was gay. Those who followed him sometimes had an issue with how open Harvey was because they were afraid something would happen to him or that there would be more negative actions taken against the gay community. These very reasons, the fear of what people would think were what fueled Harvey to conti...

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