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When booking a holiday for yourself and your family, does visiting the Arctic ever spring to mind? Didn’t think so. This brochure is to educate the shallow and mistaken majority of the world that rejects this beautiful, jaw-dropping slice of heaven. Yes, like all locations there are some dis-advantages; it is freezing, bare, and there isn’t a Tesco around for miles. However, if you enjoy: Skiing down the exhilarating, yet modestly large mountains of fresh snow, Controlling a pack of incredibly intelligent and graceful huskies to transport you from one spine chilling adventure to the other, Or even just wrapping up and laying down to watch the prestigious aurora borealis (northern lights) as they tantalize you’re eyes with a variety of rare colors and patterns. The Arctic has hundreds of activities to pursue, meaning that during your stay, it is virtually impossible to get tiresome of the seemingly alien environment that you will be embracing. The wonders of the Antarctic are not just a result of nature, the local communities that confine themselves to this gorgeous world show a hospitality that cannot be matched. Very few tourists are smart enough to indulge in the Antarctic way of life, people that do so are shown a warm welcome and the Eskimo’s that inhabit it often give...

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