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COMP 322
Enterprise Information Systems Project Implementation
Assignment 1
2013/2014, Term 2
Total Mark: 60

Due Date: Feb 27, 2014
Submit a hardcopy of your assignment in Class.

For questions 1-11, choose the best answer (correct answer: 2 points; incorrect: -2 points) 1. The enterprise life cycle starts with the design of an enterprise and ends once the design is implemented.

a. True
b. False
2. In a supply chain, the manufacturer at the end of the supply chain notices what is called the bull-whip effect. The bull-whip effect is when the demand experienced by the manufacturer varies greatly, even though demand at the retail end of the supply chain varies a little. The bull-whip effect is an example of a. Equifinality

b. Feedback
c. Emergent property
d. holism
3. Cybernetics is
a. The study of robotics
b. The study of systems
c. The study of feedback control
d. The study of information systems
4. All enterprise s...

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