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Descriptive Writing: To Write A Short Descriptive Piece About War Experiences Of A WWI Soldier.

It was June 1916 and the waves crashed violently towards the boat. The spray from the sea hit the soldier’s faces and the icy wind blew down hard. The soldiers were waiting anxiously nervously as they slowly approached the beach. Peter’s hands were shaking vigorously as he decided to take a sip of water from the canister, wrapped around his neck. Just two men in front of Peter the atmosphere was extremely tense as one of the soldiers vomited on the boat, this in turn created the soldier next to him to vomit as he smelt the rancid bile. “Clear the raft, 30 seconds” as this signaled they were fast approaching the enemy, the next thing the soldiers herd a bullet or a bomb whizz passed into the water, they tried to duck for safety. At every little noise the soldiers were startled. Some of the soldiers were praying that they would live and get to see their homes and families again.

A whistle blew to let the side down of the boat in order for the men to progress to the bea...

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