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Nothing Ever Happens on 5th Street

One Thursday afternoon, Jayden was working on a story that her teacher had assigned her the day before. The story was about the neighborhood you lived in, but there was only one problem. Nothing ever happened on 5th Street. Jayden was trying to think of something that had happened at one point, but nothing came to her mind. Her mom opened the door behind her and asked her what she was working on, she replied "I'm working on a story about our neighborhood, but nothing ever happens on 5th Street."

"Well why don't you take the dogs out on a walk and see what goes on in the neighborhood" her mom replied.

"Great idea mom!" Then Jayden set out on her walk around the block. Once her and her two dogs reached the edge of the street she decided to take them down to the beach. She then unclipped their leashes and let them run down the tree covered trail down to the beach.

Once the...

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