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Writing Academic Papers
Academic writing requires an individual especially a scholar to produce information as a result of the knowledge that he or she has gained from any academic setting. In academic writing scholarly ideas are put together to form more concrete information. Academic writing generally gives an account of what an individual has researched basing on a topic that he or she has been assigned by a tutor. The given information can be as a result of one’s personal experience, experience learnt from other people, information got from books, and other viable sources. A good academic writing depends on how rational, reasonable, original, and reliable the writer is. Critical thinking forms the root course of a good academic writing. For instance, the writer has to be unique and innovative in his or her work. In this case, the writer should endeavor to persuade his or her targeted audiences basing on the content provided in the work. This means that the writer has to bring out the information about the topic of study differently from what is commonly known to all. The writer has to use the aspect of critical thinking as an important tool for academic writing in order to go beyond his or her opinion by making intens...

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