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Richmond Investments –
Internet Acceptable Use Policy
The Following Internet Acceptable Use Policy Applies to the RICHMOND INVESTMENTS Staff 1. Introduction
The RICHMOND INVESTMENTS provides its staff and (other entity(s) if necessary) with technology resources and a local area network with access to the Internet. The purpose of these technologies is to: a) enhance the programs and services provided by RICHMOND INVESTMENTS, b) conduct RICHMOND INVESTMENTS business, c) support RICHMOND INVESTMENTS projects, and d) ensure that staff are equipped with the necessary tools for communication, research, collaboration, and other tasks required to fulfill job obligations. Each staff member is expected to use accounts and resources for these purposes. Currently, each RICHMOND INVESTMENTS staff member has been provided adequate resources for Internet connectivity. The staff relies on this connectivity in order to adequately perform their job duties and responsibilities. o The RICHMOND INVESTMENTS provides approximately 100 employees access to a networked computer. This represents (98) % of the employees in the agency. All RICHMOND INVESTMENTS staff must carefully review and adhere to these Internet acceptable use guidelines. 2. Appropriate Use of Technology

2.1. Technology as a required resource and privilege
Appropriate uses of technology include:
Accessing the Internet for work related research and information gathering; Utility and applications software that accomplish tasks and fulfill job functions; Communication and collaboration between staff and/or other appropriate entities; Access to the Internet for up-to-date information published by RICHMOND INVESTMENTS, other corporate agencies, and various other providers of information that may be necessary in order to complete job tasks; Activities or projects that support professional activities of employees (i.e., electronic calendars, electronic scheduling of meetings, electronic prioritizing of tasks, using project management software, keeping electronic address books, and completion of work related forms electronically) 2.2. Privacy of Information

RICHMOND INVESTMENTS reserves the right to monitor and/or log all network activity with or without notice, including e-mail and all web site communications, and therefore, users should have no expectation of privacy in the use of these resources. The Agency will not monitor e-mail transmissions on a regular basis, though the construction, repair, operations and maintenance of electronic messaging systems may occasionally result in monitoring random ...

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