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BSAD 098
Writing Assignment
Knowing How to Write
After reading the two articles University students: They can't write, spell or present an argument, and Business schools take aim at bad writing, I understand that why business people tell our faculty that students write poorly. There are two important reasons that why students can not write efficiently: one is poor basic English writing skills and another is ineffective writing. First reason, students lack skills in grammar and lack of basic ability to express themselves in writing. From the article of University students: They can’t write, spell or present on argument, one of the poet and playwright Michelen Wandor say:“students don’t know what a sentence is, and what are verbs and nouns are. Students struggle with apostrophes and they don’t know what tense they are writing in. ”Moreover, A children’s author Yvonne Coppard also said: “Their syntax and grammar are sloppy, they are sentences that draggle all over the place, you can see whole pages without paragraphs, and as for speech punctuation.” As show from the above example from the article, we could see that students in college are really lack of grammar and structure s...

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